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What is the shipping time for my order?

Your product arrives within 3-5 business days after you place your order.

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Q: What if I want to return the product?

You are protected by our 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders! No questions asked! Get in touch with us and we'll get you a refund or exchange right away. 


Tire Inflator

Can I plug it into the wall?

No. The compressor only plugs into a 12-volt cigarette lighter socket located in your car. It has a long 14-foot power cord, which should allow you to reach all four tires on most vehicles.

Can the tire inflator be used for bike tires?

Yes! When inflating bicycle tires It is important to note:

  1. There are 2 different types of valves: The Schrader (American) valve, which will fit the inflator without a problem, and the Presta valve, which requires an adapter (included in the inflator package).
  2. Tire Pressure: Cars need pressure around 30-40 psi. Bike tires need 65-80 psi of pressure. Our inflator has no problem filling both types of tires.

How long is the power cord that connects to the cigarette lighter?

The cord is 12 feet.

Is there an off button?

Yes, it does have a conveniently placed on/off switch on the front panel. In order to avoid fuse burning, it is important to have the on/off button in the off position before connecting the device to the car’s power source.

How long is the inflator hose?

It is about 12 inches. For ease of use, try to make sure the tire's inflator valve is near the ground. Otherwise, you may have to hold the pump closer to the tire’s valve stem.

Can I inflate pool toys with this?

Yes! The inflator comes with the special adapter so you can inflate all types of inflatables.

**Please note that this will take much longer than a typical pump because this tire inflator is made for higher pressure instead of pushing lots of air at once.

How noisy is the inflator when switched on?

The noise level is a little louder than a car's engine at idle speed.

Is it better to have the car engine running or not? Should the key be turned to "accessory"? Will this make the battery go dead?

We recommend you use the product with the ignition key in the position which powers all accessories and DO NOT start the engine. When the engine is running, the alternator in your car charges the car battery, so the voltage in your car is more than standard 12V (it will be somewhere between 13-14.4V). Since the compressor is designed to run from 12V, and this is the voltage when the engine is stopped, we recommend not starting the engine.

Does this unit have an automatic shut-off feature when it reaches a preset PSI?

Yes! Just set the gauge to the desired pressure and it will shut off when the pressure is reached.

Can I switch the display to other units, like metric atm/bar?

Yes, you can change the display to  PSI, BAR, and kPa.

How many tires can be inflated before I need to cool it down?

You can use it on all 4 tires (a top-up of around 4-5 psi for each tire) without needing to cool the unit down. If you are inflating for a greater range of psi, and a longer time than 15 minutes, then it is recommended to allow the device to rest.


Jump Starter

Will this be able to jump start my car that's been dead for over 7 months?

Possibly. Sometimes, when a battery has been dead and out of use for that long, it will not take a charge anymore no matter what type of jump starter is used because the cells inside have burned out. In this case, you will most likely need a new battery.

How do I activate the SOS feature?

Hold down the on switch until the light turns on. Press it repeatedly to cycle through the light options. Steady, blinking, then the SOS pattern. The SOS light pattern is programed to correlate with international standard SOS signal for distress.

Will this jump start a motorcycle battery?

Yes. The jump starter will work on any lead-acid battery that holds a negative and positive charge.  

Can the battery pack be left on charge all the time without damaging the battery?

Yes, the battery inside has overcharge protection, but we do not recommend you leave the product charging after its full charge cycle is complete.

If I’ve let the product sit for a while, will the charger still be able to jump a car when needed?

That depends. As with all batteries, if the battery has been unused for a prolonged or extended period of time, it will have lost some power. To avoid this, you should recharge the battery to full about every three months.

Instead of recharging it with a wall outlet at home, can I hook it up to the cigarette lighter permanently so that it always stays charged?

Yes, you can charge the battery in a 12V DC/cigarette lighter, which is found in most automobiles or with the provided adapter for your wall outlet at home. We do not recommend keeping the device plugged in at all times after it is fully charged.


Tire Gauge 

Does it work on bicycle tires?

Yes. It will work on all standard tire valves including those found on bicycles, motorcycles, trucks, RV's, and more. Some bicycles use a Presta valve stem on their tires. For those, you will need an adapter that can be found in most stores. 

Is this product made from stainless steel?

Yes. The gauge is made from stainless steel and mechanical-grade rubber. 

What is the button on the side or the hose?

That is the air release button or bleed valve. It wipes the current pressure reading from the face of the gauge display and also allows a controlled release of air for over inflated tires.

What is the diameter of the gauge?

The Family Tool tire gauge display dial has a diameter of 2". Most standard mechanical tire pressure gauges are 1.5" in diameter. The extra half-inch of our gauge allows for easier reading, especially in lower light. For your convenience, the pressure reading will stay on the display after the gauge has been taken off the tire and can be reset by pressing the air release button. 

Is this just for air filled tires or will it work for nitrogen-filled tires also?

It will! The gauge will display the psi of air, nitrogen, or mixture of both gases as long as it reads below 60psi. 

Does the item screw into or slide onto the valve stem?

The item slides onto the valve stem. Additionally, the Chuck, which engages with the valve stem, rotates 360 degrees to facilitate proper engagement with the stem.


USB Phone Solar Charger

Does this store power for night use if left out in the sun during the day?

Answer: Chargers like this make power that can be stored in any external battery, not just your phone. This charger has a small battery built-in, which can store a little charge you can use later. However, if you already have a favorite lipstick battery or brick, you can just plug that into the charger during the day, like you would into an outlet, and you'll have a juiced-up battery to use at night.

Will this charge my iPhone or Samsung smartphone? 

Yes. The solar charger can charge all brands of smartphones, regular phones, and devices that can be connected with a USB.

Do I need sun to use the solar charger?

Yes. The unit needs sun power to generate electricity. 

Is there a battery attached to the solar panels?

Yes. There is a 2500 mAh battery that stores power and gives you a charge when there is no sun. 

Does the battery need sun to be workable?

No. After the battery has charged, it stores the power and allows you to charge or power your devices without sun until it is drained of power.

Can you hang it from a window?

Yes. The device comes with suction cups that attach to a window and allow you to hang to charger.






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